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Customer Marketing Manager

Netherlands, Utrecht, AmersfoortMarketing

Job description

Customer Marketing Manager

Is eternal (customer) life within your grasp?

If the big analytical brains at Gartner crunched their data right, customers identity and access management (CIAM) will become vital components of UX strategies. They predict that a whopping 85% of companies will embrace CIAM next year, making this a 5,4 billion market with a +25% cagr. And given the importance of getting it right, Gartner discourages ‘homegrown’ CIAM solutions and recommends partnering with a specialized CIAM vendor. OneWelcome already is the European vendor of choice for many enterprises and public organisations. But how do we boost up- and cross-sell within our existing customer base? How can we maximize partner engagement and success? And how can we commercially leverage customer referrals? We cheerfully look to you for the answers!

As Customer Marketing Manager you

  • Shape customer communication, both generic and tailored to different personas, industries and customer groups;
  • Develop and coordinate campaigns to increase awareness of our solutions and products, cultivating interest by playing into customer needs;
  • Drive personalized / account-based marketing campaigns for individual customers, tailored to the customer's situation and its different personas, to maximize the Total Contract Value (TCO) of existing customers;
  • Boost customer reference ability and capitalise on it;
  • Contribute to the development of the partner program and partner portal;
  • Develop partner communication about solutions, products, developments and market trends;
  • Develop off-the-shelf partner marketing materials.

As our Customer Marketing Manager, we’ll onboard you – red carpet and all – to our marketing team. This currently consists of 5 experienced colleagues, but we fully expect the team to expand to 10+ specialists by this time next year. So, if you want to be one of the marketing OGs, this is the time to join. And that’s not even the best reason to apply. That accolade is reserved for the role itself, which is roughly comprised of two parts. For about 75 percent of your time, you tackle marketing challenges in the customer domain. E.g., by conceptualizing and executing persona-driven campaigns (mail flows, landers, webinars, and whatever else you decide on) to extend the customer lifecycle to infinity.

How do we engage, say, enterprise architects, marketing counterparts, or privacy officers? Through which channels? You ensure the right personas get the right message, stimulating cross- and upselling. Since we believe the proof of the pudding is in the eating, increasing referrals is a logical extension of your responsibilities. So, generating enticing customer stories in a crucial part of the job. You help select clients, decide on formats (case studies, interviews, video presentations) and sign off on productions. While you are welcome to create content, you can also team up with internal content professionals and/or external agencies. The second component is partner marketing: you ensure partners feel (one)welcome and have access to the right tools and data to do justice to our service and improve their own bottom line. E.g., by providing onboarding materials and helpful newsletters, webinars and/or personalized emails. That will take up roughly 25% of your time. Of note: we are data-driven, so we expect you to substantiate your approach with persuasive data and metrics.

What we bring to the table

  • A position at one of the fastest-growing CIAM companies where you’ll be working with a talented team of inspired people in an international environment;
  • A salary and ditto retirement benefits;
  • And yes, we have some nice extras too:
    • A crucial role within our organization, your success plays an essential part in the success of our company
    • Working with highly skilled professionals such as yourself
    • A flat organization and politics are at a minimum
    • Once we will be able again: yearly company trips, for winter sports and summer fanatics
    • Company Sports Plan
    • Celebrating successes
    • Free lunch, snacks and drinks
    • A fantastic work hard/play hard scale-up environment

What do we believe in?

We believe in the three C’s. Three, because people can’t remember four, and two is not a list! ;-).  
The three C’s are fundamental to how we operate, both internally and externally. We always ask ourselves three questions, what do we commit to? how are we going to collaborate on this? And once we have achieved this, how are we going to celebrate this? 

Here is an external example. We have a new customer. We commit ourselves to onboard the customer in less than 3 months, we collaborate with the customer, which means OneWelcome needs to do things and the customer needs to do things, both need to deliver, to ensure the commitment. And upfront we define how we are going to celebrate this together, “press release, diner after go-live, etc.”. 

Here is an example.  Our company has a growth challenge. We want to onboard customers for a new innovative proposition in less than 1 month. We commit ourselves to realise this, we have departments such as Engineering (adjust the product) and Professional service (standardize the onboarding), and Sales (prepare sales material) work together on this. And upfront we decide we will go wakeboarding and have a BBQ afterwards to celebrate the success once accomplished.

Company description

  • Providing the Richest product offering
  • Empowering enterprises to provide Europeans safe and simple access to online services
  • Collaborating with European partners

OneWelcome currently is the largest European CIAM and B2B SAAS vendor. We secure over 100 large enterprises, such as the European central bank, Aegon, Essent, Dutch Railways, Malakoff, PostNL, ASR, Damen and many more. Also, we secure more than 80% of the Business 2 government traffic in our local market.

Our vision is centred around connecting and protecting people, businesses, and things. We believe in creating optimal balance between ease-of-use and safety in the user journey. No matter if it is for a day, a full lifetime, just temporary or occasionally. Who the user is, what the user is allowed to do, enabling the user to opt-in or out defines the relationship and its governance. Identity management is the basis of every online interaction and a true precondition in the implementation of any digital strategy.

Job requirements

What you bring to the table

  • A bachelor’s in marketing (or similar), supplemented with 3+years of relevant B2B experience, preferably in IT or, better yet, with enterprise SaaS solutions;
  • A proven ability to engage with a variety of personas: you know what makes (insert persona) in (insert customer or vertical) tick, and if you don’t, you will find out soon enough;
  • Experience with partner marketing is not a must but would be an asset. The same goes for marketing automation skills (we use HubSpot)
  • You are always (at least) one step ahead of the curve, take on challenges with a sense of purpose, and thrive in fluid environments where priorities can and do shift;
  • The ability to substantiate decisions: ‘I took a left because I could’ is fine and dandy, but if you can demonstrate that ‘left’ was 4 minutes and 3 seconds shorter, much better!
  • If you can play Wordle in Dutch, that would help, but strong English skills are a non-negotiable prerequisite.