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HR Manager EMEA

Netherlands, Utrecht, AmersfoortHR & Office

Job description

To the uninitiated, CIAM is just another acronym, but Customer Identity and Access Management is a well-adopted technology. And for good reason, because CIAM grants customers easy, personalized and secure access to digital services. In Europe, OneWelcome is the preferred CIAM partner of several leading players. In fact, every Dutch(wo)man probably already uses multiple OneWelcome-powered accounts. But despite this track record, OneWelcome is in a proverbial David vs. Goliaths battle with US-based vendors. To topple those, we don’t necessarily have to improve our game; we need to expand our playing field. So we embrace a buy & build strategy, which means there are always company cultures to align, people to onboard, and talents to develop. Can you shape and promote our company culture on an international scale? And do you have the strategic prowess to HR supercharge the board? OneWelcome to you!

These 5 questions help you to decide if you want us to call you to discover your career opportunities:

1. What you will do?

  • Being responsible for all things HR in a fluid and international scale-up environment
  • Advise C-level executives on people strategies and tactics: which goals and priorities should we set and why?
  • Sign off on OneWelcome’s cultural identity and instill that DNA at all levels
  • Zoom in on ‘hard’ aspects: policies, processes, rewards & benefits, pension plans, etcetera
  • Implement HR frameworks and tooling that befit a future-forward, decentralized, and international tech organization

As HR Manager, you supercharge our HR endeavors for a growing number of heartbeats (currently approximately 120) in all countries we operate in and venture into later. The role is served with C-level advisory responsibilities and reports directly to our CEO. But buyer beware, we are a scale-up on steroids: well-funded, brimming with ambition, and on a gluttonous acquisition tour. And we also face all challenges you associate with that. Policies have to be corporate-proofed. Talent development programs need to be in writing and implemented meticulously. Working from home has to be made fun. We have to think about works councils, D&I strategies, benefits structures, and pension plans. And our cost and performance management are probably ripe for some scrutinous TLC.  Sure, that’s mostly par for the HR course but checking all of these boxes in quick succession, for colleagues in six countries (and counting) won’t be trivial. 

2. What you need to succeed?

  • Roughly 10 years of relevant experience, preferably both at corporates (you’re probably looking at the EXIT sign right now) and scale-ups
  • You’ve done this before and are proud of your performance
  • A strategic mindset: you can plot a course, run rings around roadblocks and inspire others to come along for the ride
  • You thrive in fluid work environs, where mergers and acquisitions may necessitate on-the-fly adjustments to plans and ambitions
  • The ability to connect and engage with high-IQ, tech-savvy internationals
  • A talent for marketing: you can ‘sell’ our culture to a highly discerning audience
  • Commit, collaborate and celebrate are among your favorite Scrabble words
  • Fluency in English, maar je moet ook de taalfout in deze zin kunnen singaleren
  • Knowledge of HR frameworks and labor laws and regulations, supplemented with HR tooling prowess

3. Why join this team?

We are the ‘love child’ of a recent merger and in the process of onboarding additional companies! In other words, we have A LOT of soul searching and aligning to do. What is our company DNA? How do we ensure everyone – at our HQ, in flex offices in major European cities, and working from home at cross-continental kitchen tables – agrees and embraces it? If this spicy blend of challenges energizes you, this role is the perfect springboard to a VP HR role at a high-potential European tech company.

4. What will we offer you?

  • A generous salary and ditto retirement benefits 
  • A crucial role in our organization, where your success is an essential factor to our success as a company 
  • A position at one of the largest European CIAM vendor 
  • Working with highly skilled professionals as motivated and driven as you are 
  • A flat organization where politics are at a minimum 
  • A fantastic work hard/play hard scale-up environment 
  • Yearly company trips 
  • Celebrating successes
  • Free lunch, snacks and drinks

5. What we believe in?

We believe in the three C’s. Three, because people can’t remember four, and two is not a list! ;-).  

The three C’s are fundamental to how we operate, both internally and externally. We always ask ourselves three questions, what do we commit to? how are we going to collaborate in this? And once we have achieved this, how are we going to celebrate this? 

Here is an external example. We have a new customer. We commit ourselves to onboard the customer in less than 3 months, we collaborate with the customer, which means OneWelcome needs to do things and the customer needs to do things, both need to deliver, to ensure the commitment. And upfront we define how we are going to celebrate this together, “press release, diner after go live, etc.”. 

Here is an example.  Our company has a growth challenge. We want to onboard customers for a new innovative proposition in less than 1 month. We commit ourselves to realise this, we have departments such as Engineering (adjust the product) and Professional service (standardize the onboarding), and Sales (prepare sales material) work together on this. And upfront we decide we will go wake boarding and have a BBQ afterwards to celebrate the success once accomplished.

Company description

  • Providing the Richest product offering
  • Empowering enterprises to provide Europeans safe and simple access to online services
  • Collaborating with European partners

OneWelcome currently is the largest European CIAM and B2B SAAS vendor. We secure over 100 large enterprises, such as the European central bank, Aegon, Essent, Dutch Railways, Malakoff, PostNL, ASR, Damen and many more. Also, we secure more than 80% of the Business 2 government traffic in our local market.

Our vision is centred around connecting and protecting people, businesses, and things. We believe in creating optimal balance between ease-of-use and safety in the user-journey. No matter if it is for a day, a full lifetime, just temporary or occasionally. Who the user is, what the user is allowed to do, enabling the user to opt in or out defines the relationship and its governance. Identity management is the basis of every online interaction and a true precondition in the implementation of any digital strategy.

Job requirements