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Software Engineer for Cloud

Leuven, Vlaams Gewest, BelgiumEngineering

Job description

Ask your average CIO (a fun thought exercise, the ‘average’ CIO) for a list of their digital concerns, and it’ll probably include ‘protecting our online identity.’ Maybe not as high up as it should be, but identity management is a scalding hot topic. That means the Customer Identity & Access Management (‘CIAM’) market is booming. OneWelcome cheerfully challenges the global CIAM giants, David versus Goliath style. Rebellious yet reliable, self-assured but never presumptuous, and always (deeply) human, our all-inclusive team secures 100+ large enterprises, including the European Central Bank, Aegon, Essent, and Damen. Driven by the ambition to connect and protect in equal measure, our solutions enable customers to sign in safely and effortlessly. And to assume full control over their credentials. 

These 5 questions help you to decide if you want us to call you to discover your career opportunities:

1. What you will do?

Develop and deploy cloud solutions that up the identity management ante!

2. What you need to succeed?

You maximize your impact by collaborating with architects, engineers, and product owners. And yes, your input on architectural and technical decisions is always (one)welcome. The opportunity to experiment with advanced tooling and participate in tech communities, where you can bounce ideas off of peers and advance your expertise, make this role extra attractive. We actively encourage innovation, don’t live inside any box, promote autonomy, and strive for diversity. And no, despite our size and ambitions, red tape is nowhere to be seen; we’d rather develop and support solutions (90% of our time!) than jump through bureaucratic hoops.

3. Why join this team?

You can expect a warm onboarding to one of our agile R&D teams. Together with equally tech-savvy colleagues, you will develop, implement, and deploy a variety of CIAM-related cloud solutions. Solutions that receive high marks on availability, performance, resilience, and scalability. While coding from scratch is definitely on your agenda, so are refactoring and continually improving existing solutions. If something can be made even slightly better, we’re all over it. Whether that’s code, our ways of working, or a hummus sandwich. ;-)

4. What will we offer you?

  • A generous salary and ditto retirement benefits 
  • A crucial role in our organization, where your success is an essential factor to our success as a company 
  • A position at one of the largest European CIAM vendor 
  • Working with highly skilled professionals as motivated and driven as you are 
  • A flat organization where politics are at a minimum 
  • A fantastic work hard/play hard scale-up environment 
  • Yearly company trips 
  • Celebrating successes
  • Free lunch, snacks and drinks

5. What we believe in?

We believe in the three C’s. Three, because people can’t remember four, and two is not a list! ;-).  

The three C’s are fundamental to how we operate, both internally and externally. We always ask ourselves three questions, what do we commit to? how are we going to collaborate in this? And once we have achieved this, how are we going to celebrate this? 

Here is an external example. We have a new customer. We commit ourselves to onboard the customer in less than 3 months, we collaborate with the customer, which means OneWelcome needs to do things and the customer needs to do things, both need to deliver, to ensure the commitment. And upfront we define how we are going to celebrate this together, “press release, diner after go live, etc.”. 

Here is an example.  Our company has a growth challenge. We want to onboard customers for a new innovative proposition in less than 1 month. We commit ourselves to realise this, we have departments such as Engineering (adjust the product) and Professional service (standardize the onboarding), and Sales (prepare sales material) work together on this. And upfront we decide we will go wake boarding and have a BBQ afterwards to celebrate the success once accomplished.

Company description

  • Providing the Richest product offering
  • Empowering enterprises to provide Europeans safe and simple access to online services
  • Collaborating with European partners

OneWelcome currently is the largest European CIAM and B2B SAAS vendor. We secure over 100 large enterprises, such as the European central bank, Aegon, Essent, Dutch Railways, Malakoff, PostNL, ASR, Damen and many more. Also, we secure more than 80% of the Business 2 government traffic in our local market.

Our vision is centred around connecting and protecting people, businesses, and things. We believe in creating optimal balance between ease-of-use and safety in the user-journey. No matter if it is for a day, a full lifetime, just temporary or occasionally. Who the user is, what the user is allowed to do, enabling the user to opt in or out defines the relationship and its governance. Identity management is the basis of every online interaction and a true precondition in the implementation of any digital strategy.

Job requirements

You are an experienced 'hardcore' software engineer or you have the ambitions to become one.

You focus on Rest API, Microservices and Cloud.

You are eager to work with one or more of the following: Java (SE 11-17), Gradle/Maven, React.js or Node.js.

You earn bonus points if you are versed in Spring (Boot, MVC, Data, Security, Cloud), Domain-Driven Design, (No)SQL, ElasticSearch or Redis.

Your playground is built with Docker, Kubernetes, or AWS.

You have solid knowledge of software engineering and development lifecycle best practices, e.g., coding standards/reviews, source control, build processes, and testing.

You (thankfully) have not been assimilated by The Borg, but you sure know that team efforts pay off big time

You communicate fluently in English.

You thrive in Agile settings: “intelligence is the ability to adapt to change” is your favorite Stephen Hawking quote